Fibre optics is now well established in our industry of communications. There are many advantages of fibre optics, such as cost over todays copper prices and much more bandwidth is available without any loss.

Fibre optic can now be used to distribute digital TV, Satellite and Dab along with data, where much more bandwidth is available without any loss, and even cost savings against traditional copper cables.

  • All Satellite,TV and Radio broadcast services and programming distributed to every connected home from one antenna location.
  • Low power consumption and passive optical work.
  • A single fibre replaces any number of copper based coxial cables to the home or in the risers of apartment buildings.
  • Any number of individual homes from 1 to over 10,000 can be connected to one Fibre IRS
  • Broadcaster HD,3D & Interactive Services.
  • Fully compatible with existing Satellite and Digital terrestrial set top boxes.
  • Fibre IRS is platform neutral.

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