Welcome to Astral Communications and Electronics Limited

We are a proficient company specialising in TV and satellite distribution systems. For nearly 30 years we have been providing first-class aerial and satellite solutions to commercial and domestic clients throughout the UK, meeting the highest expectations of our clients.

The company has become well known for its ability to deliver a comprehensive, professional, efficient and cost-effective service. We specialise in the installation or upgrade of Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) MATV & SMATV systems for major retailers, Care Homes, Property Management Companies, Housing Associations, Hospitals and Hotels.

Our Services

You can find our services below. More information is available on the services sidebar.

Aerial and Satellite Dish installation

We provide professional aerial or satellite dish installation for home or business. Generally installed as part of our television distribution system, but can be ordered separately for smaller installations.

Media Distribution Systems

Our Media and Communication Hub is one of our latest bespoke products, aimed at new build properties. The media and communication hub gives you almost unlimited options for the distribution of TV, broadband and telephone.

Television Distribution Systems

We provide custom systems to a requirement for TV reception from one aerial to multiple connection points. Each connection point can also be incorporated with data and radio connection with our Satellite internet, Fibre and DAB products.


Don’t want to pay for another broadband connection for a second location across the way? Connect them together with our long-range Wi-Fi solution. We also offer Wi-Fi access point and repeater installation for slow Wi-Fi in parts of your property. This can also be incorporated with our fibre product for exceptional performance.